Green River Blues is an alternative blues rock group from Salt Lake formed in 2013 by guitarist Cory Amundsen. The group has a heavy psych-rock blues infused feel that is reminiscent of classic artists like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath; while drawing inspiration from modern alternative acts like the Black Keys & Queens of the Stone Age. The group is made up of frontman Cory Amundsen, lead guitarist Jaron Yancey, bassist Shawn Davis and drummer Stephen Bigelow. 

After several years of touring periodically throughout the West Coast as a two piece, and building up to the current lineup, the group recorded their debut LP with Grammy Award winning engineer Phil Joly (Electric Lady Studios). The Record was tracked in a backwoods barn deep in California wine Country (Prairie Sun Recording). With Joly’s in depth experience working with artists like Dan Auerbach, the Strokes, and the Kills; followed with the groups love for live tracking and spontaneous creativity, the results were lighting captured in a bottle that once held a stout black IPA. The record was released on April 25th 2019 and will be followed by a live take of “Must Be Satisfied” captured at their debut release show, available on streaming platforms 10/11/19. 

The groups newest single “Fever Dream”, also produced by Joly in NYC, will be available on streaming platforms later this fall.


   Vocals & Guitar / Cory Amundsen

Lead guitar / Jaron Yancey

Bass / Shawn Davis

Drums / Stephen Bigelow


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